Super Mario 64

999 lives:
When you get 120 stars, go to the right of the castle, into the cannon, and blast onto the roof. You will meet Yoshi up there. He will give you 999 lives and a cool triple jump.

Power restore:
Whenever you find yourself low on power, look for the nearest large body of water. It will restore your power.

Piranah plants:
The only way to eliminate these plants is to sneak up on them while they're sleeping, then bop them.

You will confront Bowser three times. Run behind him and grab his tail. While you are swinging him around to throw him, switch camera angles so you can see the spike bombs on the side of the arena. One hit on an exploding bombs will do him in, until the final confrontation, in which you must throw Bowser into a bomb three times.

First star:
To get the very first star, enter the doorway on the far left of the castle (marked with a star). Give a hip smash to the post that Chomp is chained to, and when he breaks the fence he will release a star! You can now venture into any level with a "1" on the door.

Flying level:
After you collect ten stars, stand on the sunburst in the Main Hallway and look up. You will be transported to a flying level. Activate the red switch to get the winged hat which lets Mario fly!

Clock stage:
On the clock stage, enter at 3, 6, or 9 o'clock for all the gears to stop working.

Sea world:
After completing most of the the Sea world, try coaxing the eel out of his cave. He has a star attached to his tail.

Snow world:
When racing in the snow world, leap off the slide as soon as you start. if you can catch one of the lower slides, you will finish the slide ride ahead of the time limit. Also, look for a hidden area near the walls of this area.

Ice stage:
On the first ice stage, commence your slide, and on the first left turn, head for the line of coins. You'll speed straight through into a hidden tunnel where two extra men are up for grabs.

Red sliding level:
Enter the red sliding level, and jump to the left just as you come out of the tunnel. If you time it correctly, you'll land on a later part of the course, saving valuable seconds. Finish in less than 21 seconds for another star!

Mountain world:
After getting two stars in this level, go to the first tree. Climb up the tree and grab onto the owl that flies out. Let go when you see a star you can grab.

Mario's hats:
Mario will find three different switch markers that will lead to different hats. The first is the flying hat, activated by the red switch. The second hat, the chrome hat, is activated by the green switch. This hat lets you walk under water. The third hat, activated by the blue switch, makes Mario invincible. Now Mario can take on really tough enemies and walk through certain walls!

Wet-dry world:
The height of your jump into the picture will determine the water level. For example, If you jump high, the water level is high.

Secret room:
Go into the castle, look for toad, jump on head and watch what happens.

Tall tall mountain:
Jump to where the clould is then go to the wall where the then go to the second square in the wall and jump in it at the end find the star.if you die in the stage then you will automatically go back to the stage.

Get extra coins:
Find a tree stump and run around it 5 times. Coins should pop out.

Breath under water:
Go in the water and keep your feet out of the water. If done correctly, you should not lose energy.

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